Eli Zibin

Mobile (React Native) and Web (React, React Native Web) Developer


Hi, I'm Eli. I'm a mobile (React Native) and web (React, React Native Web) developer currently based in Vancouver, BC.

I'm currently building React Native apps for all kinds of companies. I like using TypeScript to create beautiful, functional, and maintainable applications. If you'd like to discuss app development or React Native with me, please get in touch!

Previously, I worked for Latero Labs building apps for businesses in FinTech and other industries. Outside of tech I enjoy reading, writing, and biking. Feel free to follow or connect with me on twitter.


Tips for Continuous Deployments with React Native and CircleCI - published on the g2i blog


Developing React Native Apps with Reactotron

I gave a talk on debugging and developing apps with Reactotron at the React Native Vancouver meetup this autumn.

Open Source

Contributor to React Native Touch ID.