Eli Zibin

Hi, I'm Eli. I'm a software developer working remotely from Vancouver, BC.

I currently work for Formidable. Previously, I was a freelance consultant developing mobile apps in React Native, web apps in React, and Ruby on Rails, as well as working on Shopify Plus stores and custom apps.

I've built apps for all kinds of companies and industries, such as mobile apps for IoT devices (React Native/GraphQL), e-commerce stores for lifestyle brands (Shopify Plus), and wholly custom client builds (Ruby on Rails, Expo etc.)

In the past, I used to help G2i with their technical vetting process, wherein I conducted technical interviews with prospective contractors, and reviewed applicants' code for the code-challenge section of becoming a part of the collective. And before that I worked for Latero Labs building apps for businesses in FinTech and other industries.

Before getting into tech I got a B.A in English Literature at the Univeristy of British Columbia. Outside of tech I enjoy reading, writing, running, and biking, and eating, and breathing. Please follow or connect with me on twitter.


Tips for Continuous Deployments with React Native and CircleCI

Published on the G2i blog.


Developing React Native Apps with Reactotron

I gave a talk on debugging and developing apps with Reactotron at the React Native Vancouver meetup in autumn 2018.

Open Source

I've contributed some bug fixes and improvements to Expo's Sentry library and React Native Screens.

I was a contributor to React Native Touch ID (now deprecated).