Eli Zibin

Mobile (React Native) and Web (React, React Native Web) Developer


Hi, I'm Eli. I'm a mobile (React Native) and web (React, React Native Web) developer currently based in Vancouver, BC.

I'm currently building React Native apps for all kinds of companies. I like using TypeScript to create beautiful, functional, and maintainable applications. If you'd like to discuss app development or React Native with me, please get in touch! You can connect with me on most major platforms.


I'm currently contracting as the lead mobile developer for a startup in the pet industry. With thousands of active users, and a high rating on both app stores, I've been responsible for all aspects of its development and its deployment. The React Native portions of the app are written entirely in TypeScript.

I recently built a worksite safety training app that will help make worksites safer, more productive, and friendlier. This application runs a Ruby on Rails back-end along with a React Native client mobile app. With daily push-notifications and various types of user accounts, it serves videos, images and carousel assets in the form of a daily quiz app. I was responsible for the entire implementation of the backend and the app itself including data modelling, api design, deployment and implementations. The front-end is written in TypeScript and uses Expo.

I've also worked on mobile apps in the travel sector and sports industries for startups in NYC. In both cases, I optimized their deployment toolchains, quashed bugs, introduced best practices, developed new features, and refactored parts of the code to TypeScript.

I also regularly help G2i with their technical vetting process, wherein I conduct technical interviews with prospective contractors, and regularly review applicants code for the code-challenge section of becoming a part of the collective.

Previously, I worked for Latero Labs building apps for businesses in FinTech and other industries. Outside of tech I enjoy reading, writing, and biking. Feel free to follow or connect with me on twitter.


Tips for Continuous Deployments with React Native and CircleCI - published on the G2i blog


Developing React Native Apps with Reactotron

I gave a talk on debugging and developing apps with Reactotron at the React Native Vancouver meetup this autumn.

Open Source

Contributor to React Native Touch ID.